Send and receive messages without revealing your private info

Create countless anonymous contact options your car, daily life, your postbox, your neighbours, craigslist, new acquaintances, craftsman, the traffic

  • Create disposable contact options
  • Protect your privacy
  • Instant & free
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Receive messages without revealing your private info

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Your new freedom - Your data is yours!

Our GTAN system allows you to communicate with people without disclosing your contact information. Create a GTAN, use GTAN for communication and delete it afterward. You have full control over your data and yet are accessible to people.

  • Create GTAN - Use GTAN - Delete GTAN
  • No connection to your name or private data
  • No pattern recognition possible
  • You are your own provider
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Protect your privacy

Create instant contact options, and delete them after use.

The shield of your private data - In many areas of everyday life, you often find yourself in the situation of merely having to give out your private data like your mobile number. Now, this is over: With this GTAN system, there is no visible connection to your person. So you can easily communicate with persons without having to give out your private number.

  • Delete your GTAN traceless after use
  • You don't need an account to send a message
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